Transforming data into actionable intelligence is in our DNA

We’re passionate about simplifying the complex field of data science and automated intelligence.


Automating data pipelines since 2018

Born as a venture-funded data science company in San Diego, we’ve automated the expensive and cumbersome data wrangling process to deliver actionable intelligence, leveraging machine learning, AI and generative AI.


Jim Sagar

Jim Sagar

CEO & Founder

Jim is an entrepreneur with expertise in AI for modern market research, market and sales intelligence and strategic marketing.

Matti Kakkori

Matti Kakkori

Chief Product & Technology Officer

Matti is a senior AI and SaaS product developer & manager, experienced in complex products in both startups and the enterprise.

Rob Crousore

Rob Crousore

Commercialization Strategy

Rob is an innovator and leader in the healthcare industry for 28 years in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Product Innovation and M & A.

Stephen Kowalczyk

Stephen Kowalczyk

Director, Engineering

Stephen is a senior software engineer with 20+ years of experience designing and building enterprise applications.

Olivier Izacard

Olivier Izacard

Chief Architect, Head of Data Science

Olivier is a Computational & Theoretical Physicist with a PhD, skilled in data visualization, software development & mathematics.

Data scientists & engineers

Global Team

For highly specialized work, you need highly specialized people. Our team consists of best-in-class data engineers, data scientists, software engineers and data enrichment teams wherever that talent resides around the globe.

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We’re always looking to connect with skilled data engineers, data scientists and full stack/ front-end or back-end engineers.

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