AI Platform

Transforming data at scale into intelligence for your people

Our platform + service automates the complexity of transforming data feeds into actionable intelligence.

How it Works

Automate your data analysis projects

Instead of wrangling with data pipelines and BI systems, plug into a modern AI platform that was designed to deliver automated intelligence, in real-time, for use cases that matter most to your team.

Ai Platform Real-Time Intelligence

Data feeds

Plug your data into your own private instance of the Rehinged AI platform to automate data science work for specific objectives. Need external data? We can enrich your data with intelligence about companies, industries, geographies, events, news, activities and industry-specific intelligence, like our rich healthcare data.



We stack these automated feeds and normalize data to prepare for custom modeling based on your use cases. If you’re a data scientist, think of it as a series of carefully selected data pipelines stacked together and normalized for models and analysis.


Scoring & analysis

We score and rank entities that are most valuable to our users — their ideal customer targets, asset locations, purchase alerts, customer actions, patient needs, performance metrics, daily actions to take or patient care to deliver.


Actions & engagement

Results are fed directly to your people to take action, whether for sales, marketing or customer outreach, purchasing, HR or operational actions or even patient care. Get an external alert or tasks fed into your existing systems.

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