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Operational Improvement
Move the ES device to the A corridor from noon-3pm.
Patient Acquisition
Add patients for respiratory and incontinence care.
New Marketing Targets
Add Magento e-commerce users to the top of our funnel.
Churn Risk
Contact Mandy Smith to confirm plans to renew.
New Customer Target
Contact Dr. Samantha Brown to demo our medical device.
Operational Improvement
Move the ES device to the A corridor from noon-3pm.

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Place data at the core of your operations

Unlock the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytical intelligence from cleaned datasets, in real time, to support key business initiatives and operations.

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Sales & Marketing

Understand who to target and what to say — driven by data. Combine your data with external data to get a holistic view of your total addressable market — and focus your efforts on the top fits for your ideal customer profile. Use for strategic selling, business development, marketing and lead generation.

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Gain intelligence from operational data, in real time, with generative AI for action plans. Monetize your internal data by understanding how to deploy and optimize resources, people, machinery or devices. Learn how Carenet AI - our healthcare brand - is creating the smart nursing home of the future.

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Optimize purchasing decisions and inventory by monitoring units and cost in real time. Have the AI tell your team what to order and when. Feed your tabular data into your own generative AI to unlock the power of modern LLMs trained on your data.

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Predict employee absenteeism and optimize shifts and team performance. Incorporate AI assessment algorithms trained on industry and role-specific data to uncover the best candidates during the hiring process. Arm your HR team with motivation drivers and people engaged and aligned with your culture.

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What real-time output of data at scale can guide your key strategic initiatives? Our AI platform is the engine that can drive analysis of data plotted by geography, ranked by scoring algorithms, or output generative AI recommendations, reports or competitive analyses.


Working with Rehinged

Explore the different ways that we work with organizations to deliver automated intelligence to employees, customers, partners and healthcare providers.

End User Client

Access automated intelligence for your team for one or more use cases. Typical engagements include a platform configuration investment and then a monthly SaaS subscription.


Have customers or data that can benefit from our automated intelligence platform? Explore
partnership and revenue-sharing opportunities, including creating unique products on the


For some companies, a license to our platform technology in your own cloud environment is
the optimal solution.


Have access to an existing client base in a specific industry? Explore the opportunity to bundle a unique automated intelligence offering into your product suite or sell direct to the market.

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