Automating customer monitoring for specific product needs

Durable Medical Equipment Provider

Durable Medical Equipment Provider

Mid Market | Healthcare | United States

Engagement Type
End User Client
Use Cases
Customer Management
The Challenge

The sales team of 30 reps were responsible for selling their medical equipment mainly to skilled nursing facilities and long-term care providers. However, the sales team didn’t have the data to understand which facilities needed specific types of products and equipment.

The Solution

By leveraging rich data about the patient treatments, events, surveys, scoring and hiring within each facility, Rehinged automated the outreach priority to each facility, using data in real-time for specific use cases matching need for specific products and services.

Data Used

Rehinged Data

The Results

The automated feed of intelligence allowed sales reps, marketing and account managers to understand who to contact, with specific product needs, to onboard new clients and increase orders from existing clients.

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