Discovering ideal customer profiles and uncovering lookalike targets with automated alerts



Mid Market | Business Services | United States

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End User Client
Use Cases
The Challenge

National sales team in 40+ offices throughout the United States had access to multiple siloed data sources for sales intelligence, but no centralization of data and process. Thus, each office and team of reps handled their own manual data combination processes and sales outreach sequences with no alignment to centralized digital marketing campaigns.

The Solution

The Rehinged platform analyzed existing clients and delivered custom algorithms to uncover ideal customer profiles. This automated the identification of new opportunities for marketing and sales that fit their ICPs and automated the outreach sequencing based on digital signals emitted by the companies.

Data Used

Client Data + Rehinged Data

The Results

With its own scoring algorithm to uncover ideal customer profile matches, the client was able to create targeted content for new ICP matches and utilize a centralized workflow for sending alerts into their CRM for marketing + sales follow-up which optimized prospecting and account nurturing.

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