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Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

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The Challenge

International strategic consulting firm sought to automate its collection of trillions of points of data about trends in the United States and in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East / Northern Africa. Their manual data preparation and analysis for each client project limited their growth potential and output quality.

The Solution

With a license to the Rehinged platform, they integrated their existing data warehouse to enable automated updates and scoring and configured custom applications for client output. This automated the process of transforming billions of points of data, scored for client use case, and plotted results on dynamic maps in applications and downloads for client use. 

Data Used

Client Data

The Results

By automating their previous manual data analysis client deliverables with the Rehinged platform, they are projecting to productize previous services work to increase revenue 10-fold, while also increasing speed to output by over 20x.

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