Automating influencer and media product feedback using NLP in video and industry articles

Technology Component Manufacturer

Technology Component Manufacturer

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The Challenge

The product and market research teams wanted real-time feedback from industry influencers and media publications around the world about the launch of a new computer tablet device at launch. Traditional market research methods didn’t provide the immediate feedback their team needed about their component in the tablet.

The Solution

Rehinged automated the data collection and analysis of global technology influencers and publications by creating scoring algorithms to interpret, in real time, video reviews and textual articles for specific words and sentiment used to describe the tablet.

Data Used

New Public Data

The Results

The product and market research team were able to automatically understand how the market perceived the six most important elements of the tablet were attributed to their component. This enabled them to adapt their global marketing and distribution strategy for the next product launch based on real-time market feedback.

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