63 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Marketing

63 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Marketing
February 7, 2020

The modern consumer doesn't want good marketing; they want connection. And artificial intelligence (AI) is well-poised to show marketers where and how they can connect to their consumers.

As we move to the next phase of digital transformation, companies that take the initiative to learn and experiment with artificial intelligence will see an increase in revenue growth, productivity and efficiency, generating a stronger return on their marketing spend.

Artificial intelligence gives marketers and brands superpowers. Advance your knowledge and capabilities with this list of ways AI can enhance your marketing. It is based on an excellent post by the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute that breaks down the five Ps of marketing (Planning, Production, Personalization, Promotion, and Performance) into 63 separate ways AI can be applied to your most critical marketing tactics.

18 AI Strategies to help you Plan your Marketing

Good planning is key to effective marketing campaigns. AI can analyze more data faster than ever, giving you insight into how you can have greater impact. Here’s how:

  1. Allocate human and financial resources based on priorities and goals.
  2. Analyze existing online content for gaps and opportunities.
  3. Build media and influencer databases based on interests, audiences and intent.
  4. Choose keywords and topic clusters for content optimization.
  5. Cleanse and analyze contact databases.
  6. Construct buyer personas based on needs, goals, intent and behavior.
  7. Define topics and titles for content marketing editorial calendars.
  8. Determine goals based on historical data and forecasted performance.
  9. Formulate pricing strategies to maximize profitability.
  10. Gain insights into competitors' digital ad spend and strategies.
  11. Identify companies and contacts to target in sales and account-based marketing campaigns.
  12. Map buyer journey stages based on historical lead and conversion data.
  13. Optimize and adapt marketing budgets by channel.
  14. Predict customer churn.
  15. Prescribe strategies and tactics to achieve goals.
  16. Score leads based on conversion probabilities.
  17. Segment contact databases and create cohort groups.
  18. Track competitors' digital activity on and off their websites.

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14 AI Strategies that can be used for Marketing Production

Automation has long been employed in marketing to increase productivity. Intelligent automation extends these productivity gains and enhances effectiveness of your marketing in these ways:

  1. Analyze and edit content for grammar, sentiment, tone and style.
  2. Convert text to voice.
  3. Convert voice to text.
  4. Create data-driven content.
  5. Curate content from multiple sources.
  6. Design websites, landing pages and calls-to-action.
  7. Develop digital advertising copy.
  8. Draft social media updates with copy, hashtags, links and images.
  9. Find royalty-free images for online content.
  10. Optimize website content for search engines.
  11. Predict content performance before deployment.
  12. Tag website images with keywords and categories.
  13. Translate text into other languages.
  14. Write email subject lines.

9 Ways AI can Contribute to Personalization of Marketing

Personalization is the essence of contemporary marketing, driven by better data collection and analysis. Here’s how AI can drive personalization:

  1. Create immersive augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences.
  2. Customize email nurturing workflows and content.
  3. Deliver predictive product recommendations.
  4. Determine offers that will motivate individuals to action.
  5. Engage users in conversations through bots and chat.
  6. Optimize email send time at an individual recipient level.
  7. Present individualized experiences on the web and/or in-app.
  8. Recommend highly targeted content to users in real-time.
  9. Serve up contextual offers based on user history and lookalike data.

12 AI Strategies that will Enhance Promotion in Marketing

AI can test variables and analyze results much quicker than traditional methods which translates into more effective results for your campaigns and promotional activities. Here’s how:

  1. Adapt audience targeting based on behavior and lookalike analysis.
  2. Adjust digital ad spend in real-time based on performance.
  3. Assess and evolve creative (e.g. landing pages, email, CTAs) with A/B testing.
  4. Deliver individualized content experiences across channels.
  5. Identify real-time social media and news trends for promotional opportunities.
  6. Improve email deliverability.
  7. Manage the accuracy of business listings across the web.
  8. Moderate comments at scale across social channels.
  9. Monitor and assess customer ratings and reviews.
  10. Purchase digital ads using multivariate testing of audiences, keywords and domains.
  11. Push geo-targeted offers through mobile devices.
  12. Schedule social shares for optimal impressions and engagement.

10 AI Strategies that will increase Marketing Performance

Performance improvements are driven iteratively by changing something, then collecting data and analyzing results. AI can expedite this iterative process driving campaign performance improvements. Here are a few ways:

  1. Build dynamic charts and graphs to visualize performance data.
  2. Create performance report narratives based on marketing data.
  3. Determine and manage attribution models.
  4. Discover insights into top-performing content and campaigns.
  5. Forecast campaign results based on predictive analysis.
  6. Measure return on investment (ROI) by channel, campaign and overall.
  7. Monitor and evaluate brand mentions from media and influencers.
  8. Query analytics for campaign and website insights with voice and text search.
  9. Surface real-time alerts based on website analytics and visitor behavior.
  10. Track and analyze inbound phone calls.

Artificial intelligence is the next frontier in digital marketing transformation. Organizations that figure out how to combine the best of advanced AI technologies with the unique strengths of human intelligence will emerge as the market winners.

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