Carenet AI – Actionable Data for Healthcare Commercial Teams

Carenet AI – Actionable Data for Healthcare Commercial Teams
June 7, 2022

Accurate data is a must-have for today’s healthcare sales and marketing teams. The right data can empower reps to understand who to target and what to say, leading to higher conversion rates and higher close rates.

But the challenges for healthcare commercial teams to find the right data are significant. Actionable healthcare data is fed to very few commercial teams today, because it’s expensive to invest in the necessary data sources and the data engineering teams to transform it into intelligence for sales and marketing workflows.

There are three main reasons for this:

  • Data from big healthcare providers is expensive, siloed and restrictive. Companies do pay for this and gain value from the PDFs, .csv downloads, articles and reports. But this data is often controlled by strategy and product teams and rarely makes it to commercial teams in an actionable format.
  • Data from popular business contact platforms is rarely rich enough to extract any valuable intelligence from.
  • Lists from traditional list providers are either too thin (if affordable) or too expensive for a single campaign, and they can become outdated quickly.

Carenet AI delivers actionable intelligence to commercial teams by breaking down data silos between medical data (healthcare treatments, procedures, ratings, billings, facilities, actions, initiatives), market research data, sales intelligence data, business intelligence data, geographic data and census data and combining it with unique scoring algorithms.

Actionable, Real-time Intelligence Outperforms Static Data

Many ask us, “Where do you get this data? I didn’t even know it was available?” Our answer is, “From thousands of different sources, at scale.”

There is no other off-the-shelf product or platform that can transform external data at scale into actionable intelligence, in real time. Over 400 million SaaS data sets remain siloed globally. Carenet AI solves this problem.

How Carenet AI Works

Carenet AI uses the cutting-edge AI platform built by Rehinged - a modern data cloud controlled by a custom data orchestration system that allows each component to work together. The platform isn’t a single data warehouse - it’s similar to a decentralized data, scheduling and AI platform. The Rehinged team of 20+ data scientists, engineers and industry experts designed each modern component of the platform and built the custom software in the cloud that manages each.

Having the data is the requirement for using AI to score it for specific use cases. Carenet AI is the only healthcare brand that can deliver this commercial intelligence via software-as-a-service.

Carenet AI Use Case: Physicians for Wound Care

Companies selling wound care products and services need to understand which doctors and care providers are most active with specific types of prescriptions, treatments and procedures. As an example, Carenet AI can uncover physicians that are often performing specific procedures requiring subsequent wound care or are providing treatments related to wound dressing or debridement.

Carenet AI actionable data can include the following information, custom scored for a client’s use case:

  • Treatment type
  • Signal strength
  • Primary specialty
  • Secondary specialty
  • Medical school
  • Graduation year
  • Description
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Facility affiliation
  • Facility address
  • Facility type
  • Procedures
  • Conditions that the physician is known to treat and treatments s/he offers
  • HCPCS code
  • Services count
  • Average charge
  • Total charges
  • Count of physicians above and below each metric
  • Percentile
  • Prescriptions
  • Drug name
  • Generic name
  • Beneficiaries count
  • Claims count
  • Organization name
  • Organization address

By having all of this data flowing through the Carenet AI platform, we can combine relevant sources and score physicians for specific customer use cases. This means that we provide you with the ideal individuals and institutions most relevant to your business, in a format that your marketing and sales teams can use to take immediate action.

Carenet AI Use Case: Nursing Homes for Wound Care

Another use case is for companies selling wound care products and services into nursing homes. Post-acute data has always been difficult to obtain. Our investment to collect this data at scale enables Carenet AI to deliver a dynamic score based on key events that occur within that environment.

Here are examples:

  • Any audit violations related to wound issues (i.e., bed sores)
  • COVID statistics
  • Hiring for specific wound care skills
  • Initiatives outlined in job postings

Carenet AI makes it possible to:

  • View wound care signal drivers over time - See bed ratios and star ratings for health inspections, staffing and quality of resident care, and more
  • Access ownership and contact information
  • Access visualizations of wound care violations over time, including the specific violation, severity and percentile compared to other nursing homes in the United States
  • Find the exact population with the same violations
  • View detailed metrics about staffing hours
  • View MDS scores for relevant codes and percentiles

Our scoring algorithm eliminates the need for your business to interpret all of the individual data points to understand what action to take – making it easier on the sales and marketing teams, who can now see who to target and what to say right from the platform. Precision targeting, customized to your exact business needs.

Additional Learning

Carenet AI current customers are the sales and marketing teams in healthcare. Rehinged is a first-mover in a large market that delivers value to customers, care providers and their patients.

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