New Features: Signal Strength Indicator and Notes

New Features: Signal Strength Indicator and Notes
June 15, 2021

Last week we started rolling out feature updates to customer accounts. These new features resulted from our continued work with customers’ sales and marketing teams.

Signal Strength Indicator

The first new feature is a Signal Strength indicator. Rehinged scores the target companies in a customer’s market in real-time based on the digital signals they’re emitting. The score is created in conjunction with your ideal customer profile. In some use cases, a single “signal” drives the score. Here are examples:

  • A company is hiring a new VP of Sales; or
  • A company just started using Gusto for HR management; or
  • A company’s sales team just reached 10 reps

In this “simple” example, when the algorithm ranks the companies dynamically from 100 to 0, the end-user knows exactly what is driving the score since it’s a single signal.

For other customers, their score is comprised of three to five components that could drive it. An example could be for a company that is

  • A cloud infrastructure company that recently received an A or B round of funding
  • While hiring a new CTO
  • And using AWS Kubernetes
  • With a team of more than 10 cloud engineers

In this example, there are four unique signals driving the customer’s dynamic score.  A score of 80 could be driven by one strong signal, or by a combination of two, three or four medium signals.

Here’s another example – Bird Scooters – with a current score of 45.2 (for a custom use case).

Signals and Notes 1

The Signal Strength shows the Category, Type and Strength of the signal:

Signals and Notes 2

This guides sales reps on how to frame their email, LinkedIn message or phone call. For marketing teams, we match the Type and Signal Strength to specific automated marketing campaign messages to allow them to deliver targeted, timely, customized messages.

Notes Feature

The Rehinged Custom Sales Intelligence platform monitors your market and identifies your ideal customers by dynamically scoring each company in your market and delivering the top targets each day. The new Signal Strength indicator feature described above allows marketers to export leads by grouping them into the relevant automated campaign.

For sales teams and SDRs working from the same account, it’s helpful to see why another rep took a specific action. And the new Notes feature makes it happen. Many customers prefer to use the following account setup and workflow:

1. All members of their sales team get access to the same account.

2. Reps review new company scores each day and take one of the following actions:

  1. Star - Indicates leads that are qualified and a rep is working. A star means the rep had entered into CRM and is handling.
  2. Hide - Indicates a lead that is not qualified or relevant. The rep adds notes to explain why, so others can see.
  3. Reviewed - Indicates the rep is researching the lead but hasn’t determined whether it’s qualified or disqualified.
  4. Snoozed - Indicates the lead isn’t ready yet and will be hidden for a period of time (unless a new signal appears).

Teams export / input Star leads into CRM to manage. The Notes feature allows teams to see why a rep took a specific action. This keeps everyone on the same page. Add a note whenever you take an action.

Signals and Notes 5

View and add notes from the main view by clicking on the notes icon.

Signals and Notes 4
Signals and Notes 3

With these features and the above workflow, sales and marketing teams can minimize duplicate work and optimized their sales efforts.

Coming Soon – Export and SaaS Integrations

Select customers can get export functionality with their signal grouping to move leads to their CRM or marketing automation platforms.

We expect to deploy integrations with Salesforce and popular CRM and marketing automation apps later in the year.

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