Rehinged – Launching Our AI for Market Intelligence Platform

Rehinged – Launching Our AI for Market Intelligence Platform
November 14, 2019

After almost two years of development, Rehinged is proud to announce the launch of the Rehinged platform. Rehinged is the first end-to-end AI platform for processing massive amounts of market data into actionable market intelligence.

From the platform, users can access on-demand market intelligence. Our platform processes real-time feeds to allow our users understand what’s happening in their market, and more importantly, to extract market insights at scale.

This allows our users to:

  • Discover their brand’s impact by understanding how the market values their brand on specific perception metrics (or brand attributes) compared to other brands.
  • Understand market sentiment for any topic by viewing multiple perception metrics for the topic, with individual entity scoring.
  • Compare product features, understanding how the market values specific features for a variety of perception metrics.
  • Measure the progress of a new market, including product launches or new disruptive technologies such as fintech, blockchain or marijuana for medical treatments.
  • Generate targeted business leads by discovering the companies that score highly for specific perception metrics on a topic.

Re-Engineering the Data Stack

When we started in early 2018, we were frustrated by industry-standard offerings. Word clouds and basic sentiment scoring didn’t provide enough value and news article feeds still required manual reading and interpretation.

To deliver market meaning at scale, we had to re-engineer the information flow from the bottom up to automate the addition of new data sources. Our platform is driven by our data processing engine that uses cutting-edge AI with sophisticated natural language processing (NLP). We included Latent Dirichlet Allocation topic modeling that classifies text to label unstructured data – text, images and video – and then appends topics using modern AI libraries.

Our data processing engine then selects models to perform named entity recognition (NER). This allows it to measure coherence score in order to fine tune the model and perform individual entity sentiment. We also apply sophisticated linguistic analysis that delivers meaning (instead of simply highlighting the frequency of words).

This differentiates our AI platform from the current industry standard, which only provides a single sentiment score on an article. Rehinged delivers entity sentiment within an article, at scale, which unlocks important insights missed by other AI tools. This delivers unique views into market information that can replace many elements of manual market research, and deliver new insights that many humans can miss.

Our Roadmap

Born as a studio company of Hinge Capital, we’re trained to look for early market signals that give our investors and partners an advantage in the marketplace. Starting in Q419, we’ll have a select rollout to early adopters, market research firms and certain enterprise customers, marketing agencies and investment firms.

In 2020, we expect to roll out the platform to the worldwide B2B audience. To take a look, submit a request for an account.

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