Rehinged Partners with Healiant to Deliver Real-time Data and Insight for the Wound Care Market

Rehinged Partners with Healiant to Deliver Real-time Data and Insight for the Wound Care Market
February 25, 2021

Necessity is the mother of all invention. Medical product companies are in the process of reinventing themselves as a result of the changes in the market brought on by Covid-19. Healiant and Rehinged have partnered to deliver real-time data driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence to help Healiant industry partners to focus their efforts on those locations most in need of support.

Because of the pandemic, access for wound care product specialists and educators have been largely restricted from the important work they do to support and educate clinicians about how their products work.

While safety and patient care are the #1 priority, many involved in the wound care industry have found it more challenging to support the facilities that need them most, due to the “new normal” of the pandemic.

To support the patient and the industry Healiant has been deeply focused on re-entry and access for the essential product support provided by wound care manufacturers and distributors. In line with this commitment, Healiant will use the Rehinged platform to identify the facilities that need specific wound care products and services in real-time. This can help patients, care givers, operators and wound care product manufacturers to focus their resources most effectively to optimize patient outcomes, prevent negative patient events and better support wound care product use.

“Wound care product manufacturers have traditionally relied on face-to-face selling and support, in-person trade shows and conferences to raise brand awareness and support their products” said Rob Crousore, co-founder and president of Healiant.

“The indefinite cancellation of these live opportunities and the radical shift to online conferences, tradeshows and customer interaction has created a painful digital gap for the industry. With the powerful Rehinged platform, we can deliver digital signals to match the right products with the facilities that need them most.”

The Rehinged AI platform monitors healthcare data, facility data, industry data, announcements, news and hiring data from post acute care facilities and identifies those facilities needing specific types of wound care.

“By partnering with Healiant, we’re able to not only provide real-time signals to the wound care product manufacturers and distributors to help them engage in today’s digital world, we’re also helping the facility owners with wound care challenges,” said Jim Sagar, CEO of Rehinged. “We’re tremendously excited to partner with Healiant for a very meaningful use case of our AI platform.”

Wound care product manufacturers, distributors and other interested audiences will be able to access v1.0 of this custom platform in March 2021. Contact us to learn more.

About Rehinged

Rehinged delivers on-demand market intelligence via custom signals about markets, products, sales prospects, competitors, brands and facilities.

Our platform is the first end-to-end AI platform for converting massive amounts of market data into actionable market intelligence. Instead of monitoring click and web activity data, our platform works because we’ve re-engineered the information flow from the bottom up. This delivers unique views into market information, at scale, that replaces manual market research.

About Healiant

Founded in 2018 by a team of professionals deeply focused on serving the wound care industry for a combined 50+ years, our portfolio of companies are all united around our mission of connecting and delivering objective, evidence-based and product agnostic resources that deliver the very best outcomes for you at the bedside. We are nationally recognized as a CE and CME provider for clinicians and physicians all over the country.

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