AI = Automated Intelligence for the Rehinged Platform

AI = Automated Intelligence for the Rehinged Platform
January 16, 2024

Artificial intelligence became part of the national (and global) conversation in 2023. After years of development, natural language processing finally became accurate enough to produce meaningful results, creating excitement, fear, opportunities and risks for so many.

For those in AI field, 2023 was a celebration of years of development. For business leaders having to learn about this new technology, AI created new headaches:

  • Thousands of AI startups appeared, with most being a simple front-end to Chat GPT;
  • GenAI is good in some areas, weak in others;
  • While GPT-4 passed the bar and medical exams, it also has fabricated medical research, creating pause about certain use cases; and
  • Clear use cases of how AI can improve businesses are still being developed.

Where should a non-technical executive start? It’s helpful to start with a high-level understanding of the field. Artificial intelligence is rich and diverse and includes the following subfields (each of which have incredible complexity):  

  • machine learning
  • natural language processing
  • computer vision
  • robotics
  • expert systems
  • knowledge representation and reasoning
  • cognitive computing
  • affective computing

Automated Intelligence Instead of Artificial Intelligence

In our early days, Rehinged described our work and software platform as “AI” for “artificial intelligence.” We leverage machine learning, natural language processing, data normalization, automated data transformation and automated outputs. For those in the AI field, we use AI that we created, a modern cloud software data infrastructure platform that we built, other commercial AI services like GPT-4 where applicable and software to share intelligence with our users.

In our nearly six years of working with clients, partners, end use customers and investors, the confusion around AI in 2023 made it clear that we needed a more effective way to describe our offering.

“Automated intelligence” is a better term to describe what Rehinged delivers. Our true differentiator is the automation of specific intelligence that is meaningful on-the-job. Instead of having a data analyst or data scientist complete a manual project, Rehinged can automate the project, delivering a feed of results for the end-user.

Automating intelligence in business areas such as sales, marketing, operations, finance, customer management, hiring and people management, market research, healthcare and corporate strategy can deliver significant benefits – such as better patient care, speed-to-market, reduced customer churn, improved marketing and sales conversion, more efficient client selection or more effective inventory management.

This automated intelligence doesn’t replace a job, but delivers decisions backed by data exponentially faster, empowering people to make better decisions, faster.

Connect with us to learn more about automating intelligence that is valuable to your organization.

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